• Business and Commercial

General Advice, Leasing, Contracts, Incorporation & Corporate Restructuring, Shareholder Agreements, Forming and Dissolution of Partnerships, Liquor Licensing.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injuries Claims

We offer our service on the basis of No Win No Fees.

  • Family Law

Divorce, Property Settlements, Binding Financial Agreements; De Facto Relationship, Child Custody, Contravention Application, Application for Injunctions

  • Wills and Estate

We recommend you establish or update your will as circumstances change.

  • Power of Attorney and Guardianship

We recommend that one or two of these documents are done together with your will.

  • Probate and Letters of Administration
  • Criminal Law

We will present you before the Court for Traffic & Driving Violation and other Summary/Statutory Offences/Non Indictable Offences. For Indictable Offences, we will guide and assist in choosing appropriate representation.

Domestic Violence

For all criminal matters speak to a lawyer that knows your language before any statement is taken by the police.